Private Chef at Home

Private chef Ibiza: entrust our personal chef in Ibiza for any special event

private-chefs Private chef in Ibiza: If you want to have a pleasing breakfast, a nice lunch or dinner with some friends, or a romantic event but you do not want to go out, a private chef in Ibiza is certainly the way to go. Our private chef in Ibiza will come directly to your home and will cook only for you and your friends a gourmet menu based on the best recipes in the world. Our chef team is made of an international staff, like for example Walter Martino, a super-star Italian chef who has worked for long time in Hollywood, cooking for the top artists and actors. He usually comes to Ibiza in July and August, so during that time you can also have the chance to get served by a private chef known worldwide. Moreover, you can decide if the chef has to cook for you during the event or before, so that you can store the food and eat it later, this in order to best fit your needs. The menu cooked by our private chefs in Ibiza are international and can be declined as follows:

  • Mediterranean sea flavor
  • Asian menu
  • Kosher menu
  • Oriental menu