Jam Pleasure Privacy Statement

Dear user, on this page you will find all the information on what we do with your data when:

  • browse this website;
  • you sign up for our newsletter (where your email address is required);
  • complete the contact request form (in which the name, surname, email address, city, company name and any telephone number are requested).

The data processing, which is explained in detail below, respects the principles established by Article 5 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. The site owner therefore confirms that he / she respects the principle of accountability (or accountability), where it is stated that, as reported by the Data Protection Authority, the data controller puts in place adequate techniques to guarantee and demonstrate that the processing is carried out in accordance with the European regulation.

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Owner of the data processing

The holder of the processing of personal data is Jam Pleasure SL .

Location: Carrer de Josep Tur I Llaneras 30 • 07800, Ibiza

Email: info@jampleasure.com

How many and which people can I access your data?

Usually the information that you voluntarily grant or that is collected by browsers or technical cookies, is collected by the data controller himself or, extraordinarily, by technical personnel appointed by the owner to carry out maintenance or marketing activities on the website or on the connected platforms, such as Facebook, Google Analytics and others listed later in detail.

Where is the data processed?

Every activity relating to personal data is carried out within the legal and operational offices of Jam Pleasure .

What data are processed?

When you browse the site www.jampleasure.com and accept the information in the pop-up window, we collect navigation data with the Google Analytics tool. This data is collected during the entire browsing time and on every page of the site.

They are called navigation data because they are implicit in the access through any browser. In detail, these data include:

  • IP address;
  • domain names;
  • notation addresses URI (Uniform Resource Identifier);
  • information relating to the date and time of navigation;
  • information on requests and communications with the server;
  • information related to the browser, operating system used and the device (IT environment).

End and use of navigation data

Jam Pleasure uses navigation data exclusively for statistical purposes, useful for measuring the performance and proper functioning of the site. The anonymous information obtained from Google Analytics also makes it possible to improve graphic and content aspects, and consequently improve the communication of the company.

Further information on Personal Data

Information pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/2003 and art. 13 GDPR 679/2016

This information is provided pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data) and art. 13 GDPR 679/2016

(European regulation on personal data protection)

Acquisition data

The acquisition data cover all the information provided by contact forms, email registration forms and cookies installed on the site we use for analytical activities and to optimize advertising initiates. The following list shows all the methods and cookies with which we obtain information.

Contact form

On the contact page and sometimes on other pages of the website you will find a contact request form. This requires personal information such as your name, email address and other data, which we request only to provide you with answers and support more quickly and comprehensively.

In this form the sending of information is voluntary and can be avoided simply by choosing to contact us with another channel (for example by telephone). The data entered spontaneously are copied into an email that we automatically receive and we keep saved in our email clients, including: Mail, Gmail and Thunderbird.

Subscribe to the newsletter

For registration to the Jam Pleasure newsletter we do not require any information other than the name and email address. We therefore do not carry out any activity of segmentation of the members. Entering the email address is optional and voluntary. The addresses we receive are entered into a database of the newsletter sending tool The Newsletter Plugin . At this link you can consult the information and the ways in which The Newsletter Plugin protects your data.

The database created on The Newsletter Plugin is not sold, sold or shown to any person. It is sometimes exported in the formats allowed by the application for internal consultations or for the creation of personalized audiences on Facebook (which always remain anonymous). To learn more, you can consult the basic information on privacy and the legislation on Facebook data .


To add a comment in our blog or in any area of ​​the site where it is possible to comment, we request the following data: name, email, website (the latter is not mandatory). The information provided voluntarily by the user remains visible in the Comments section of the post and is saved in the back-office of the website. The email address is not included in any list of newsletters or sending commercial communications. You can request removal by writing to info@jampleasure.com .