Cookie Policy

Cookies: what they are, what they are for and what Jam Pleasure does

A cookie is information that a website communicates to a browser while browsing the site. This information is stored on the computer and improves navigation performance. Technically, it is a portion (or string) of code that assists the owner of a website in the correct and more efficient delivery of the service. Some cookies require the user’s explicit consent, and this consent can be revoked at any time by changing the browser settings (listed below). There are different types of cookies, including those used by Jam Pleasure divide between technical and analytical cookies , and third-party cookies .

Technical and analytical cookies

This family includes cookies that collect useful data to process statistical analyzes on users and on their browsing methods and timing. These allow you to know, for example, when an anonymous person browses the site, with which device browses, on how much time is left on the web pages and on the actions it takes (click, page close, scroll, download). Jam Pleasure analyzes this data using the Google Analytics tool.

Third-party cookies

As per name, third-party cookies are collected and used by third-party companies. This is information collected during browsing sessions, during which you switch from social networks to eCommerce sites, or sometimes from advertisements on the web to specific web pages. The collection of these data, which may also relate to user tracking activities, usually has a commercial purpose and takes the form of marketing activities (such as remarketing and retargeting).

How do I disable cookies?

Each browser allows you to manage or disable cookies through a specific section. However, deactivation may cause malfunctions on some websites. The Jam Pleasure site , on the other hand, works properly even if you decide to disable cookies or browse anonymously.

Usually, the settings relating to the management and disabling of cookies are found in the menu area , options or preferences of any browser, and this applies to both fixed and mobile devices.

Here are the direct links to change the settings of the main browsers:

Which cookies are used by this site

Browsing the site you will encounter different types of cookies, from those used by the browser to those used by this site, as technical cookies of third parties such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Albacross and Mail Chimp. Below is information on each third-party cookie we use.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analysis tool provided by Google and used by website managers and owners to monitor their performance. As reported in the Privacy and Google terms page , this service could use a set of cookies to collect information and generate statistics on the use of websites without providing personal information about individual visitors to Google. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is “__ga” .

Furthermore, the Google Analytics service, in addition to providing website usage statistics, can also be used together with some advertising cookies to show more relevant advertisements on other Google products (such as Google Search) but in general on everything the web, and to measure interactions with the ads that are shown .

Read more information about the cookies used by Google and the information for the Google Analytics privacy policy .


The cookies used by Facebook collect information from people who:

  • have a Facebook account;
  • use Facebook products (including website and app);
  • visit websites and apps that use Facebook products (such as the “Like” button or connected or Facebook technologies).

The collected cookies allow Facebook to offer relevant products and information, or to improve its accuracy and performance.

For more information, read the legislation on Facebook data .

Technical and aggregate statistics cookies

Some applications use cookies to store browsing data or to improve the performance of a session or, again, to perform technical activities related to the proper functioning of the application itself.

Cookies for saving Preferences

Some cookies are used to store browsing preferences and improve, both in terms of speed and practicality, the user experience and navigation. These cookies sometimes concern the setting of geolocalization, language, currency or storage of the link to the website.

Cookies and sharing plug-ins

On this website are installed plug-ins that allow the connection and sharing of content with social networks and other external platforms. Some of these are clearly visible thanks to the presence of logos or the name written in full, it is the case of the plug-ins of Facebook , YouTube , LinkedIn , Twitter , Google+ , Pinterest , Vimeo and others similar.

The click on the button / link and the consecutive sharing activity create a link between the user, browser and server, in which user data can be collected about: the website, the date and time when the action takes place, the IP address, the browser used, the device and the operating system. The information is collected by the provider of the plug-in and can be transmitted even if the user is not registered on the platform in question. To prevent this from happening, it is possible to disable or block the use of java scripts from the browser in use towards the channels concerned or even to all channels.

Include in this section:


The service, provided by Clearspring Technologies divides cookies into “required”, “functional” and “advertising”. These allow the following features:

  • Store access details and provide secure access;
  • Memorize user activity or transaction progress;
  • Analyze the use of the site to provide personalized content;
  • Conduct analysis to optimize the site’s functionality;
  • Remember what’s in the cart;
  • Allow third parties to provide social sharing tools;
  • Ensure that the site looks consistent;
  • Provide the user with offers or advertisements based on personal interests;
  • Allow third parties to offer you interest-based advertisements on non-Oracle sites;
  • Allow to share pages with social networks;
  • Allow to add comments.

All information on cookies and preferences can be found at this link: