Drink & Food delivery in Ibiza: enjoy the best delivery service in Ibiza


Food delivery in Ibiza: this is the perfect option for groups of people who want their fridge always full of fresh beverages and delicious snacks. This innovative service is provided only by our catering company on the island and let you enjoy your vacation on the wonderful Ibiza even more.

For example, you can enjoy Ibiza sunsets and at the same time be sure your storage is filled: you would not need to worry about running to the supermarket to get your provisions; notice also that leftover drinks can be returned to our distributor. If you are staying in San Antonio, for example, you can choose our food delivery system in order to receive food and beverages directly to your place.

If you choose our food delivery in Ibiza, one of our chefs can prepare food to be immediately consumed or stocked, it will be properly packed before arriving on your table or in your refrigerator/freezer: just follow the instructions and get it ready when you need it.

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